DSCF4746 The body, soul, and spirit is a trinity which cannot be separated in a person. Thus for the greatest relief, rejuvenation, and peace, it is essential to address all three together as a whole. There are many barriers in life that can discourage one from fully obtaining an awareness of the beauty, dignity, and radiance they posses.  A person discovers their own truth and essence by connecting with their own spiritual, emotional, and physical body. When one aspect is out of alignment, an entire life can be out of balance. Below is the guiding philosophy of Image Massage Therapy.

All individuals are unique. As such, your experiences must be specifically tailored to meet your needs at the moment.  You will never be in the same place again in life, thus you will require a different experience each time.

The greatest discoveries yet to be made in this world are not outside in nature or space, but rather those that lie within us. Discovery of self is a virtue that will bring forth deep peace, joy, and happiness.

Most health problems could be reduced if we learn to listen to the trinity of our body, soul and spirit, giving it all the natural advantages needed to promote self-healing. Awareness, gratitude, and forgiveness are essential for promoting self-healing.