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imageedit_4_5856782868It has always been a dream of mine to have a spa that is focused on the needs of the heart, that gives you the warm feeling of coming home. The sensation I wished to conjure was of going to visit a beloved grandparent, where one can be honest, without fear of judgment, bringing all of your burdens from the day, laying them down to be healed with a soothing, loving compassion. This is a place where you are treated not as a customer, but welcomed as a special and precious kindred, a member of our family.

As part of this quest to develop such a space, I have been fortunate to have experienced many luxurious spas across the United States, particularly the four-star Stillwater Spa in Lake Tahoe. These experiences further fueled my desire to integrate, and replicate, different techniques and styles of massage to my own practice, serving Madison and its nearby communities.

I had studied a variety of massage philosophies, each remarkable for their healing of the soul, physical body, or spirit body. All of these are effective in their own way, but I was still searching for something more, something that would allow me to make real the vision I dreamed of. I owe it all to the happenstance of remarkable people coming into my life and things falling, as if by fate, into place. The day came that I decided, on the spur of inspiration, that I would journey to Hawaii, that I might learn Hawaiian Prayer Massage. I was astonished by Hawaiian Prayer Massage, both as a receiver and provider of the art. It was the missing piece I was looking for, in both my life and the practice of massage. Prayer Massage proved to be a fully integrating and balancing art, addressing all aspects of the person as a whole complete being, not merely separate pieces. Christian prayer with massage is the foundation of which all treatments at Image Massage Therapy are born – creating a sacred space, listening to your needs, and setting an atmosphere conducive for healing, forgiveness, love, and prayer. This lends to the creation of a memorable experience that has proven to bring forth the inner beauty that lies within us all.

Thanks to all the loving support and guidance that Image Massage Therapy has received since its inception, we are proud to continue spreading the essence of the Aloha spirit to the community of Madison.