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Expand your knowledge of the benefits of massage

Those interested in additional resources to expand their knowledge on the healing benefits of massage therapy may make use of the below recommended books.


“Wise Secrets of Aloha” Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim and Garnette Arledge

“Theology of the Body Explained” Christopher West

“Man’s Search for Meaning”  Viktor E. Frankl

“The Shadow King: The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back”  Sidra L. Stone, PH.D

“Ethics for the New Millennium” Dalai Lama

“Men, Women and the Mystery of Love” Edward Sri

“The Practice of Healing Prayer” By Francis MacNutt, PH.D

“Embracing Each Other: How to Make All Your Relationships Work for You” Hal Stone, PH.D & Sidra L. Stone, PH.D