Hawaiian Style

Melt Away Stress & Anxiety

Spa Outdoor. Stone MassageBe transported to paradise and revitalize your senses and refresh your muscles with IMAGE’s Hawaiian Style Lomi Lomi Massage. The fluid interweaving of body movement with massage as traditionally performed in Hawaii releases muscle tension, heals body memory and melts away stress. This signature therapy utilizes the power of touch with kinetics to help stimulate nerve endings, encouraging relaxation and stress relief. It is a fully nourishing treatment for the body, soul, spirit and heart giving you the opportunity to have a deeper massage experience.

This transformative experience begins with an opportunity for you to express any personal wellness needs. The conversation will include specific discussion on areas of the body that are restricted, painful or blocked, as well as an inquiry into any history related to your overall wellbeing. You will then set an intention for your session. Intentions are personal and consist of your current needs. For example, you may set an intention to heal a particular area of physical pain, receive clarity on an issue, or just unwind and relax. Once ready, the massage portion of the treatment follows.

Upon starting, your therapist will apply coconut oil to the body, and adjust draping using a sarong to prepare you to receive the healing benefits. During the Hawaiian Style Lomi Lomi, both the upper and lower body will be uncovered at the same time. This allows for the long, continuous flowing hand motions both above and below the torso, and for sweeping massage strokes from head to toe. This process is carried out with the utmost respect for you and your body.

Breath work with gently applied massage strokes and movement will help encourage your body’s natural healing ability by progressively shifting and releasing tightened areas. This process guides the body back into alignment, balance and flow. Physical restrictions or wounds are offered forgiveness and released, helping you achieve a deeper level of alignment, integration and freedom in your body. Body memories of guilt, shame and unwanted patterns or thoughts can be cleared.

Hawaiian Style Lomi Lomi helps the body connect to the natural healing properties, flushing out anxiety, stress, fear and nervous tension. At the end of the massage, time is given for reflection, gratitude, and integration.




  • Reconnecting with your spirit, essence, and true self
  • Replenishing, relaxing and rejuvenating the body
  • Restoring inner peace, balance and joy
  • Muscular tension, restrictions and pain
  • Healing body memories
  • Stress relief

Treatment Time:  Approximately 2 to 3 hours

Price:  We believe in access to God’s healing love for all, therefore pay according to what you can afford.


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